What's Inspiring Me At The Moment

Let me show you whats been on my radar this month and influencing my personal style.

If your anything like me then sometimes you will get in a personal style rut and need to seek outside inspiration to get you out of that funk. My personal style can be influenced by so many different things including my surroundings, art, beauty, colours and so much more. So I thought each month I would highlight some different things that are inspiring my style and hopefully share with you some new brands and people to follow to help boost your creativity too!


(Images Courtesy of Pinterest)

This is definitely the colour of the season and you will be seeing it everywhere. For me, this is such a positive uplifting colour that I have loved incorporating into my wardrobe. I have been looking for lilac cardigans and trousers while I have been out secondhand shopping and I am hoping to create some really cool outfits. I love the top right hand street style picture where she has styled smart lilac trousers with a casual sweatshirt. I love the juxtaposition and think it creates such an effortlessly cool vibe.

London Is Pink


(Images Courtesy of @londonispink)

I stumbled across this page scrolling through my Instagram feed and it just made me feel happy looking at these vibrant photos. I live in London myself and take for granted the city I call home and sometimes its beauty just passes me by. This feed highlights some of London's hidden architectural treasures and wants to focus on 'the colourful side of life'. If you are looking for a fun, colourful account and enjoy having a nosy at people's home, this one is for you!

Kindah Khalidy


(Images Courtesy of @kindahkhalidy)

This California based painter is all about colour and whimsy. I feel transported when I look at her work, back to being a child and the freedom you felt when you created something with your own two hands. Some shapes you will be identify but its a guessing game piecing together the shapes and coming to your own conclusion as to what it all means. Looking at her work feels similar to how I approach styling my outfits. Her use of colour and patterns is definitely inspiring me right now and hopefully it will for you too!



(Images Courtesy of @itsrooper)

This is my latest sustainable brand discovery and its a good one. These bags are not only entirely 'instagramable' and beautiful to look at (think a large scrunchie bag), they are also made from remanent or left over fabrics. Natasha, whose the woman behind it, makes every single bag by hand. You can tell a lot of love, time and effort go into these bags and what makes them so special is every single bag in entirely unique and one of a kind. I am currently saving to buy one as I think it would make an amazing edition to my wardrobe and to my colourful outfits.

Strange Moon Vintage

(Images Courtesy of @strangemoonvintage)

If you love a statement collar as much as I do then you need to check out Strange Moon Vintage. I was dubious to include this brand as I secretly wanted to keep this one to myself but what is the fun of that! They do a drop a few times each week around 6-7pm and release about three tops at a time. Their specialism is puffy white, statement collar blouses. The one on the top left is one I bought and will be arriving soon and I can't wait! The collar of dreams! There is a flat rate postage of £6.60 internationally and most of the items they sell are between £25-£35 for authentic vintage good quality stock. To buy you simply wait for the drops and then DM the account for the item you are after and then pay through Paypal, pretty simple and easy stuff!

Bright Eyeshadow Looks

(Images Courtesy of Pinterest)

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a statement eye look. I always gravitate towards a bold eyeshadow and feel it can really tie an outfit together and create a really interesting vibe. I'm also a sucker for matching my eyeshadow with a colour in my outfit, quite a 90s look but I love it. I really believe your make up can be an extension of your style and if you too enjoy bold and bright things, experimenting with an eyeshadow could be something new and exciting to try!

Hard As Nails

(Images Courtesy of @hardasnails.studio)

Hard As Nails is a Birmingham based studio that focuses on gel art for natural nails only. It's overall aesthetic is unapologetically loud and expressive but at the same time it embraces your natural shape and wants to work with what you already have. I love their style and the level of detail they create is beyond and that of artwork. Looking at their images made me realise that I could use nail design and colour to really embrace my personality and style.

Simone Noa Hedal

(Images Courtesy of @simonenoa)

Simone Noa is a go to Danish fashion it girl with such an effortlessly cool style. I always gravitate towards her for style inspiration as she knows how to mix current modern pieces with vintage finds to create such unique looks. She always looks like she is just having fun when she dresses and doesn't necessarily follow certain trends just wearing what she enjoys. I always admire someone who is following their own path when it comes to fashion and isn't defined by a brand or a seasonal trend.

Zeena Shah


(Images Courtesy of @heartzeena)

A textile design graduate, Zeena Shah runs her own creative workshops in London and a lifestyle blog where she documents her beautiful and colourful home. I only recently came across her blog and loved the content she was creating. Not only does she show you how to make a rented flat into a real home, she posts amazing outfit pictures that showcase her true individuality when it comes to fashion. She embraces colour and pattern head on and wears it well. If you want to follow an uplifting social account that will inspire you through fashion, interiors and pretty much anything creative, this is the one for you!

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration for yourself as well! This will be something I hoping to do monthly so stay tuned for the next instalment! Also make sure to comment, like and subscribe!