Wardrobe Tour

Come have a little look inside my newly organised wardrobe!

If your anything like me, you love the chance to have a nosey inside other people's wardrobes. I love seeing how people arrange their clothes and what sort of gems they have hidden away. I recently saw blogger Megan Ellaby post a wardrobe tour and Q&A on her blog and was inspired to do the same! So yesterday while I was getting restless during self-isolating I thought I would sort out my wardrobe properly and organise it and then share the outcome with you!

When I moved into this flat about six months ago it already came with a fitted Ikea wardrobe and so I needed to work with the existing space and alter how I organised things a little. I was used to having one rail where I hung everything and I could just flick through in the morning. My new set up is a little bit more separated into sections but I think after a bit of trial and error I have come up with a layout that is the most useful and helpful when I am deciding what to wear.

I have a separate hanging sections for my tops and dresses and then for my coats and jackets. I personally like having a section just for my outerwear as I invest in them and truly think that can transform a whole outfit so they need pride and place in my wardrobe. Also I live in the UK, so the weather makes them a definite staple. I also have so many coats that I have to store some of them on the back of my door, not ideal but will do for now! I then have wire basket drawers for my sweatshirts and t-shirts and another one for skirts and shorts. It makes it so much easier not having to rifle through hangers for these items.

Above my jackets is where I keep my bags and hats which I store in these cute little container boxes and next to that is where I store my abundance of bags. On the other side of the wardrobe, underneath my tops I have a shelf for all my trousers, anyone who knows me knows I love a jazzy trouser. Above my tops is my knitwear shelf where I divide them into two piles, one for cardigans and one for my jumpers.

I am really enjoying having these different assigned sections for my clothes and it really has helped when putting together outfits. I'm also someone who likes to see everything and get inspired by all the colours and patterns!

Quickfire Questions:

What would you find the most of in my wardrobe:

Vintage blouses, anything tie dye, jackets for days and colourful knitwear!

Most recent addition to my wardrobe:

The beautiful pink vintage blouse pictured above. I got it on a recent trip to Brighton with my Mum at Snooper's Paradise. I am so excited to style this piece for an upcoming post, so stay tuned!

Favourite item in my wardrobe:

A vintage leather jacket my got me for my 18th birthday from Beyond Retro. I don't tend to be that sentimental with my clothes but that leather jacket reminds me of an amazing weekend I spent and I can never part with that that memory or the jacket.

My go to outfit:

Oversized vintage sweatshirt, animal print trousers, Adidas Yung 1 trainers and a leather jacket.

Three words to describe my wardrobe:

Bright, unique and loud.

My dream wardrobe would be:

A walk in wardrobe with lots of different sections where I can display all my clothes together.

If I could swap wardrobes with anyone it would be:

A woman who has vast amounts of Ganni, vintage peter pan collar blouses and embroidered cardigans.

My Wardrobe Tips:

- Make sure that where possible you can see most of your clothes. Your more likely to wear things if you can see them and they are not hidden away where you will forget about them.

- Don't hang your knitwear! I learnt this from working in a boutique, hanging your knitwear can make it lose its shape.

- If you haven't worn an item in three months its time to say goodbye. I try to go through my wardrobe every few months and if you don't gravitate towards an item then it might need to go to the charity shop or give yourself a time limit to see if you wear it and then reevaluate whether it should stay.

- Invest in velvet hangers. You can get them quite cheaply off Amazon and they are a real game changer. They are super slim so you can get more in your wardrobe and they prevent your clothes from slipping off as well.

- Clean out your wardrobe regularly. Don't just go through the clothes, make sure you take everything out and wipe down the inside of you cupboards. Trust me it gets very dusty in there.

- Try and keep your shoes near your clothes. I think that this helps with styling and putting together outfits. You might find that a pair of shoes will inspire a new outfit you never thought of putting together.

I hope this post gives you some ideas and inspiration in maybe spring cleaning your wardrobe. I know these are really uncertain and difficult times at the moment and while we self isolate I thinks its helpful to do try and keep busy and do organisational things so we can feel some control over our lives when there is a lot we can't control. Stay safe out there and make sure to look out for one another as we are all in this together.