My Tattoos

For me, my tattoos are an extension of myself and my personality. They are a form of self expression and are personal reminders for me to look at everyday. All of my tattoos have different meanings and I always put a lot of thought and time into them. I thought it might be interesting to share my photos of my tattoos as I am often asked about them.

The photo above is my tattoo of a 'falling rose' by @indigoforevertattoos. This is a hand-poked tattoo, a traditional tattoo method which if my preferred choice. This for me is my tattoo with the least meaning and was more inspired by the artist's own designs. But as time has gone by the rose reminds me of more personal things, such as my mum and my British background.

The tattoo below is also hand-poked and was done by @pocaharper. This design might look familiar to many as it is Frederic Forest's 'Self Love'. I was given permission by the artist's studio to use his illustration and I feel very honoured to have a piece of his artwork on my body forever. It's serves as such a good message that you need to love yourself first before anything else. Simple and meaningful.

Below is my most recent tattoo and is one very close to my heart. This is a tattoo of sage leaves by @kirkbudden and once again is hand-poked. I think this might be my favourite tattoo so far. I love the intricate detail of the dots and how delicate the overall look is. This tattoo was for my dog Sage who passed away. It serves as a reminder of him for me to be able to look at everyday.

Lastly, this is my script tattoo that says 'bravely' that was done by @obsessedwithyoutattoo. My last Name 'Stannard' means 'made of stone', 'brave' and 'strong'. So I was inspired to have something written along those lines. I then came across a quote 'Be you bravely" and it just felt like the exact thing I wanted tattooed on my arm. It serves as a reminder for me that all you can do is be you.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about my tattoos! These are all very personal tattoos so I would really appreciate that no one directly copies them and just uses these as ideas to further inspire your own designs :)