Styling Vintage Pieces

As I mentioned I have been having a real moment with my vintage and really fallen back in love with it. I like how adding an element of vintage can really transform your clothes and create a real talking point. I went on a bit of a shopping spree at Beyond Retro and thought instead of just sharing what I got, I could style the pieces up and show how I have inserted these items into my current wardrobe.

Vintage Cardigan

First up is this beautiful cardigan. I am a cardigan obsessive and probably prefer them over jumpers controversially. This one stood out for me because of the abstract floral pattern and the colour combo. I decided to pair it with a a black and white check top and the matching trousers that go with it. I wanted to continue with the monochrome vibe and let the brighter colours in the cardigan stand out. I really love the overall look and feel the pattern clashing works as I have a kept the colour palette simple and I would wear this as a casual everyday look for hanging out with friends.

Cardigan - Beyond Retro

Check Long Sleeve Top - Resume

Check Kick Flare Trousers - Resume

Vintage Jacket

Secondly, is this 80s dream of a jacket. I feel like I'm wearing my play clothes in this jacket and I'm here for it. I decided to pick up the pastel colour in the jacket in my sweatshirt and keep it simple with my accessories. This a 'loud' jacket but when you pair it down and keep it casual with what you wear underneath it doesn't feel so daunting to wear. I feel like I'm channelling my inner toddler and I think you have to just go with it and have fun and I definitely will in this vintage piece!

Jacket - Beyond Retro

Sweatshirt - Ganni via eBay

Bucket Hat - Topshop

Vintage Sweatshirt

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a tie dye number and especially an oversized sweatshirt. This one was just calling my name and I knew it would work so well in my wardrobe. I have paired it with these funky floral leggings that pick up the colours in the sweatshirt. I even added some hair slides I picked up in Copenhagen in another blue shade to add even more interest to the outfit!

Sweatshirt - Beyond Retro

Leggings - Baum Und Pferdgarten

Vintage Shorts

I found these little check shorts in the Brighton Beyond Retro and although summer feels pretty far away right now in the UK, I love coming up with new ways to wear shorts in the colder months. For this outfit, I added these amazing yellow lace tights that I feel contrast well with the red in the shorts and then I kept the top half simple with a classic biker jacket. I love this outfit and see this as being my go to outfit as we transition to spring.

Shorts - Beyond Retro

Leather Jacket - Topshop via eBay

Tights - Baum Und Pferdgarten

Hope you loved these styling ideas and feel inspired to add some vintage into your wardrobe too!

H x