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I can safely say the majority of my vintage prairie blouses are from Strange Moon Vintage. Since discovering their Instagram page, I have become smitten with their aesthetic and curated collection of high quality vintage pieces. Waiting for their weekday drops is an exhilarating and uplifting experience during these strange and confusing times. And its so exciting getting to see more and more people join this community and watch a business grow so rapidly! So therefore I wanted to a have a little chat with Strange Moon to find out what its like selling on a social media platform, how they came into the business of selling vintage and how buying secondhand can be sustainable, unique and affordable!

What made you decide to set up Strange Moon Vintage?

"I wanted to try a new approach to reaching out to a wider audience. I felt that I would like a faster quicker paced sales. Also I have been running Strobe Vintage for 10 years and it was really time for a new project."

Where does you love of vintage stem from? 

"I would definitely say my Mum. She had the most brilliant fashion sense. Benetton t-shirts, high waisted Levi's and Ray Bans. She loved wearing Laura Ashley dresses with trainers and I was always in Laura Ashley dresses too. It stuck. I also think I wanted to be different and push boundaries. I felt it was so boring that people looked the same. It was exciting too see punks, ravers, goths. I LOVED sub cultures. I worked in the fashion industry for years. In Topshop as a personal shopper, production manager for PPQ, stylist in Hamburg and in vintage for the last 10 years. My boss at PPQ would always use my vintage dresses for inspiration for her designs."

What do you think makes Instagram a good platform to sell clothes from?

"If done correctly you can tailor your audience which then starts a catalyst effect. I have many customers who have had friends who bought a blouse and thats the connection. I love domino effect."

*Strange Moon Vintage has Instragram weekday drops (usually 7pm GBT) of about three to four pieces of clothing so make sure you set your alarms!

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to set up their own online shop?

"Experiment, try and do something different from what others a doing, make sure your personality stamp is on everything  you do and most of all keep connected with your followers. Be clear and consistent."

What do you look for when you go source vintage items for Strange Moon Vintage?

"I ask questions when I source. Will it sell? Quality control:  can I fix it?, can the stains come out? fabric (I am a cotton freak), and sizes are important. I try to cover all size bases. I also think about what is current and how I can modernise it."

What inspires you creatively?

"Im obsessed with the 70’s so anything bohemian and retro. I also love Indie culture, sub cultures, movements, post modernism. Art is super important and I love surrealism, abstract and renaissance. I love mixing modern with vintage."

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How would you describe Strange Moon Vintage’s aesthetic?

"A piece of vintage heaven. Affordable for all."

Why is secondhand sustainable clothing important to you?

"I've worked in the industry for years and I have seen the drastic change in how the majority of people shop. Companies need to slow down and people need to slow down. Its about quantities, something new all the time. We see influencers constantly promoting newness and it prompts people to think that they need this too. It should be quality over quantity always. And to be different. Why the hell everyone wants to wear the same dress from Primark is beyond me. Plus people don’t think about why its so cheap…its cheap because the person who made it is getting paid next to nothing. People need to think and be aware about there actions and what is is doing to the environment and to poor countries. Buying second hand is first of all unique, its highly unlikely someone else will have it, its sustainable and it can be really affordable."

Strobe Vintage

You have a sister shop (Strobe Vintage), what’s the main difference between the two?

"Mainly product and price range. Strobe is more high end and I sell mostly 70’s dresses and coats. Strange is quicker, more blouses. Still high quality but cheaper and affordable for all."

What do you think is next for Strange Moon Vintage?

"The website is currently under construction and will be launched very soon!"

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