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After a little break 'In Conversation With... ' is back! And I'm kicking it off with none other than Retold. Through her curated collections, owner Clare showcases how vintage clothing can fall effortlessly into place in your existing wardrobe and become timeless staples. Retold's 90s minimalistic aesthetic is what vintage dreams are made of and her small handpicked drops have grown a very loyal following with collections selling out every time! So I wanted to chat with Clare and find out what styles she is drawn to when sourcing for Retold, her Grandmother's role in sparking a love of all things secondhand and why she thinks its important to make vintage as accessible as possible.


What made you decide to set up Retold?

"A love of vintage and the desire to make vintage and secondhand shopping accessible for as many people as possible as an alternative to shopping new."

Where does your love of vintage stem from?

"I definitely think from my Grandmother - she loved fashion, read Vogue religiously and made me and my sister the most amazing dressing up box full of her old party dresses and bags. For me old clothes meant a magical means of escapism."

What advice would you give to someone who is new to vintage shopping?

"Stay true to your own personal style and don't think you have to dress head to toe in vintage. Use Instagram to follow vintage accounts that resonate with your personal aesthetic – it’s a great source of inspiration."

Where do you think the future of fashion is heading?

"It's a tricky one to predict as there are so many variables and complexities to the system but what i would say is that we as consumers have a huge power to initiate change and I think right now we are definitely seeing a shift in consumer behaviour be it shopping more vintage/secondhand and demanding answers from the big fashion brands and designers about who made our clothes. This is why I love the likes of Fashion Revolution who are encouraging education and activism and making it accessible on all levels."

What do you look for when you source for your collections?

"Colour, fabric and cut are always so important to me. I lean more towards natural fabrics and love my tailoring. I also have my favourite designers like Armani and YSL which i'm always on the hunt for."

What inspires you creatively?

"I love scouring Pinterest and my own personal archive of vogues for vintage fashion editorials. I'm obsessed with colour and I love visiting antique markets which also throw up an incredible amount of inspiration be it via furniture, artwork or clothing. My favourite style accounts are Brittany Bathgate, Bettina Looney and NYC Bambi and I love Daisy Murray and Emma Slade Edmondson for the straight up real chat on fashion and sustainability."

How would you describe Retold’s aesthetic?

"Less is definitely more for Retold. I'm a sucker for the minimalist years of fashion like the early 90’s which filters through to my styling aesthetic and unashamedly muted colour palette. Pieces may seem simple but there will always be a beautiful nuance that will make it a unique piece whether it’s a dramatic sleeve, a subtle pleat or it’s in a beautiful silk. I create small curated collections and like to think my customers appreciate items that are hand selected and considered."

Why is sustainable clothing important to you?

"Not only are you getting something one-off and very special and you are helping reduce the huge carbon footprint that the textile industry currently creates when making new clothes. It's a win win situation."

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to set up their own online shop?

"Do it! Think of your online shop as a virtual experience for your customers and a way to communicate your brand values. Stand out from the crowd by being unique and have confidence in your own style."

What plans do you have in store next for Retold Vintage?

"Post lockdown I'm looking forward to opening my new studio up at home for appointments! It's been a long time coming so I can't wait."

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