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With a background in the fashion industry and a shared family love affair with all things preloved, Holly Watkins started One Scoop Store in 2017 and since then its success has only been on the up. With a mixture of vintage and secondhand modern pieces, and a varying price range, there really is a little something for everyone. I wanted to have a chat with Holly to find out what its like making a full time career out of selling secondhand and how the business evolved from selling on Instagram to the more recent opening of a physical store...


What made you decide to set up One Scoop Store?

I've been selling second hand clothes since I was about 14 via various means! I started selling to a consignment store in my village, then had a market stall at university, and sold on eBay part time until I went on maternity leave. One Scoop in its current form was created then as I had time on my hands!

Where does your love of secondhand stem from?

My Mum always loved shopping secondhand, mainly bric a brac, but it gave me a flavour for it going to car boot sales and jumble sales. My brother also does what I do but with furniture for a living!

When did you realise you could make a full time career out of selling secondhand?

I put myself through uni selling secondhand stuff on a stall and through consignment stores! I realised then it was lucrative, but its only in the last year or 2 that there’s been a real buzz about secondhand stuff and attitudes have changed for the better towards it.

How has the brand changed and developed since opening a physical store?

Its been great to have the store for personal reasons, such as getting the stuff out of our cupboards! But also its been so much more inspiring to see the range in full and has given me more content for social media. Mainly its been fantastic to meet existing customers, and of course new ones.

What do you look for when sourcing clothes for your curated collection?

I mainly look for nice fabrics, colours and prints , as well as good cuts. I try to have a good range of prices so I don’t just look for designer, although that’s definitely what people want the most!

What inspires you creatively?

Im actually quite bad at being in the loop with the best people to follow, but Ive always loved Man Repeller as she’s just so funny, and I love @C_l_o for beautiful images.

Why do you think its important to change the stigma around shopping secondhand?

Secondhand is definitely our best way out of the fast fashion mess were in! Sustainable brands are great but of course the price tags are higher and that means they are not accessible to lots of people. Second hand makes great quality product available to all budgets, plus its promoting the life cycle of a garment , which is one of the most sustainable things we can do.

Why is slow fashion important to you?

Its really important to me because I truly believe we all have way too much stuff! There exists in the world enough product to keep us all going If we look at new ways to share, we need to stop thinking that we need new all the time!

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to set up their own online shop?

I would say to go for it - don’t wait - just do it! Use social media to your advantage - its free and people are really so kind within that community in my opinion. I've never done any advertising / pay per click - via Instagram I just grew my following organically - and that means the customers are more loyal anyway!

What plans do you have in store next for One Scoop Store?

Ive just started Scoop Chat - a series of panel events talking to movers and shakers in the sustainable fashion world. My first event was a great success, and I can’t wait to get back to organising more events!

Secondhand Stan's One Scoop Store Picks:

From top left:

Vintage Sheer Chiffon Lace Camisole - Size UK 10-12

Vintage Polka Dot Chiffon Big Collar Dress - Size UK 12

Missoni Two Tone Leather Heeled Boots - Size UK 5

Burberry Scribble Check Silk Drawstring Shorts - Size UK 8

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