Distancing Diary 010 - How To Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable

Hi guys! I'm so sorry it has been so long since my last blogpost, I took a little time out from blogging to set up my Instagram vintage shop Secondhand Stan Shop and really wanted to put all my attention and focus was on this new venture but now its up and running, I'm really excited to be back working on my blog! So now its time for another instalment of the Distancing Diary and today we are talking all things sustainable beauty! Over the last year or so I have become quite sustainable in the way I shop and the clothes I wear but now it has me re-evaluating other aspects of my live and how I can be more sustainable and organic in other areas. One that came to mind was my beauty routine as I feel it creates a lot of unnecessary waste. And not only are my habits and choice of products bad for the environment, I'm learning they are also not very beneficial to my wellbeing and body. So I am breaking down 7 switches you can make in your beauty regime to make it that bit more sustainable!

1. Switch to a Natural Deodorant


This is was the first change I wanted to make in my beauty regime and I was so excited to try out Wild natural deodorant after seeing blogger Lily Pebbles recommend it on her Instagram page. I like so many were dubious when it came to the concept of natural deodorant, does it really work? And whilst I haven't personally tried other natural deodorants, I can safely say hands down that this one really does what its says on the tin. You can feel confident going about your normal everyday activities feeling fresh and a lot more organic now you are not blocking your pores with chemicals such as aluminium, sulphates and parabens. After using wild I have found myself feeling less sweaty and a lot more confident in my skin!

2. Switch to Shampoo Bars

From top left:



Jumping Juniper

Coconut Rice Cake


A lot of different brands and shops are making shampoo bars but personally I think Lush offer the best variety and level of quality. Apart from the obvious, that buying shampoo bars are a plastic free option, they also have a greater longevity lasting up to 80-100 washes. They are also lightweight and easy to transport and use, making them a much better travel alternative than shampoo bottles. P.S. if your unsure as how to package them when you go away, Lush make fab little tins to keep your bars in!

3. Switch to Reusable Cotton Pads

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Holland & Barrett

Face Halo

It worries me to think how many cotton pads I might have gone through in my lifetime... and then for others on a larger scale... its scary to think of the waste. Thats why I encourage people to switch to reusable pads or flannels. Above I have featured a few different brands offering pads at various price points that all will meet your make up removal needs! I specifically use pads to remove my eye makeup as we all know make up wipes are the devil (thank you as always Caroline Hirons!) and these are a gentle and sustainable alternative. Top Tip - Try to get ones that include a bag that you can put in the washing machine so they don't get caught up with everything else!

4. Switch to a Vegan Reusable Razor


So what actually is a vegan razor? Well the answer I found out was not what I expected, I may have been naive, but I didn't realise that most razor brands test their products on animals and their moisture strips can also contain animal products! After discovering this information plus the fact that every disposable razor I have ever used has irritated my skin, I decided to make the switch and I can say I won't be looking back! My choice of razor was none other that Estrid, the Scandi brand taking the beauty world by storm. The weighted razor is made with women in mind and built on the ethos that we shouldn't have to feel the need to shave but if we choose to they are here for our needs! Thats definitely a brand I can stand behind and support.

5. Switch to Organic Period Products

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Period talk... some of us may have them like clockwork, some of us may have them quite infrequently. Whatever your situation its nice to feel covered and know that you are using safe and organic products. I decided to start making the change to organic tampons (such as those by ALBANY MAE) after doing a deep dive into the benefits as I just felt dissatisfied with how much waste I was throwing away each month. I was also alarmed when finding out that most of the tampons we are used to buying contain harmful deodorants, chemical additives and so much more. This is something we are often putting inside our body, so surely we should be using the safest and most natural option possible? Also organic tampons are far better for the environment, especially the ones that come without any unnecessary plastic packaging and applicators. If your anything like me, and feel more comfortable using an applicator, reusable ones such as those created by DAME are a great sustainable option. Lets make periods as easy and organic as possible!

6. Switch to Sustainable Skincare Brands



When it comes to skincare there is definitely a lot out there, that it can be quite overwhelming as to know where to start. So I thought that I would suggest two brands that are at the forefront of providing sustainable skincare at affordable prices. First up is BYBI, a brand that commits to using 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients. They drive to create products that deliver results but not at the cost of the planet. Secondly, we have UpCircle a brand that prides itself on up-cycling ingredients for their products making use of food waste we disregard. Some of the disregarded waste they up-cycle are coffee grounds, fruit stones such as olives, and chai spices. It's pretty amazing the qualities and impact certain ingredients can have on the body!

7. Switch to Organic Oral Care

Package Free Shop:

Natural Toothpaste

Refillable Dental Floss

Mouthwash Tablets

Bamboo Toothbrush

I will admit that this is a new discovery for me and something I'm still learning and educating myself about. I became aware of organic oral care after following Lauren Singer's well known blog Trash is for Tossers. She also is the CEO and Founder of Package Free, a shop that provides sustainable and organic alternatives to help you reduce your daily waste. Although based in the US, they do ship internationally and in my opinion have the most comprehensive collection of reusable and organic products and when it comes to oral care they have the best selection. Above are my four top picks for anyone starting out, I will share more as I embark on this journey and let you know my thoughts when I have had more time to try out the products for myself!

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