Distancing Diary 008 - 15 Sustainable Bloggers You Need To Be Following

This week for the Distancing Diary I thought I would share the love a bit for my fellow sustainable bloggers out there who are working hard to share with the masses alternatives to fast fashion and every thrifting tip you will ever need. Creating a platform from the ground up is challenging and even more difficult when you are competing against those who are promoting fast fashion hauls with millions of followers listening and following suit. Its amazing to see how many personal blogs have been popping up in the recent months with their focus point being sustainability. So that is why I have rounded up 15 of my favourite bloggers and influencers on Instagram and I can't wait to share them with you, so in no particular order here they are...



Emma Slade Edmondson


The amazing Emma was one of the first people I started following when I set up my own personal blog. I am still so inspired by her creativity, activism and confidence! Her Instagram feed is full of bright colours and patterns and brings me so much joy just scrolling through her feed. One of my favourite things about her blog is her IGTV series 'Come Secondhand Shopping With Me' where she takes guests to different secondhand shops and share with her their favourite thrifting tips!




Nikita has such a playful and fun aesthetic and is able to mix secondhand and sustainable items with such ease. As well as being a zoologist/science teacher, she has gained a loyal following on Instagram with people coming back for her creative content and gorgeous outfit inspiration!




With over 15,000 followers, Becky has created an honest and uplifting Instagram page where she is definitely leading the way for the #fastfashionrebellion. Her mix of outfit posts with educational ones about greenwashing and the privilege of choosing secondhand are insightful and completely relatable. Make sure you too, like Becky, are part of the movement!




Meg's thrifted wardrobe is definitely one to be envied. She documents all her outfits through her page and if you enjoy her style as much as I do, then you need to make sure you go check out her Depop shop! Think a 90s vibe with effortlessly cool retro pieces that are sure to bring some life to your wardrobe.




If you don't already know Jenna, you should! She is a ray of sunshine with clothes equally as bright. She definitely has that Brooklyn cool style I try so hard to emulate but cannot pull off as well as she does! If you haven't already read the interview we did together, make sure you go and read it to find out more about her style and thrifting tips!




When I chatted with Vanessa for my blog series, I adored how honest she was in how she began her thrifting journey and so inspired by the way she spoke about what influences her style and creativity. I love following her sustainable journey and really enjoy getting to see how she styles and puts together her outfits.




Secondhand flowy dresses, a collection of hats to envy and an abundance of cool accessories are only a few of the reasons that Eva is someone that should be on your thrifting radar. Make sure you also check out her newly established Youtube page for even more sustainable content!



A Doctor by day and a thrifting expert... well always! I love the combination of posts showcasing her latest charity shop finds with that of medical ones! Its great to be following someone who helps people in so many ways; physically as a Doctor but also by choosing to shop secondhand she is helping the environment and the pressure on our resources!


Anna Marie


Slow fashion advocate Anna Marie has a collection of vintage one could dream of. Her ability to put together secondhand pieces and create modern contemporary looks is effortless. If you are looking for some bright and bold outfit inspiration look no further than Anna's page!




With an Instagram aesthetic I one day hope to achieve, Lydia documents her thrifted finds with such an instinctive approach that feels so natural and organic. Like Eva, Lydia has recently began posting secondhand and thrifting Youtube videos and I'm really enjoying following this new part of her online journey!


Lauren Bravo


After reading Lauren's book How to Break Up With Fast Fashion, I started following her page and loved the way she shared and was open about her thrifting journey and the things she has learnt along the way. She has an epic collection of vintage dresses and interior inspiration for days so head over to her page and make sure you follow!




Tamar uses her blog to create powerful messages about sustainability and why we should be shopping secondhand and avoiding fast fashion. I love that Tamar speaks openly about the importance of protecting our environment. Tamar also has such an amazing style and the personality really shines through in everything she wears.




Elle's beautifully curated page is full of bright colour and positive imagery. If you are looking for an uplifting blog that focuses on charity shop finds styled in imaginative and creative ways. I am definitely inspired by her style and love how she incorporates secondhand into her existing wardrobe.




I met Philippa at a Shelter for Fatface event in London and began following her page soon after. Her love of peter pan collars and embroidered cardigans are just the beginning of why you need to be following her page. She always manages to find the best bargains and items on eBay and Depop and also creates these amazing IGTV 'how to style' videos!




Jessica's love of bright, embroidered clothing displayed on her page caught my eye first but I loved that she combined this with thrifting tips and upcycle projects. Her blog is a go to of mine for discussions around slow fashion, recycling of clothes and sustainable lifestyle ideas.

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