Distancing Diary 007 - Sustainable Bag Edit

Sustainable bags don't have to be just a canvas reusable tote. As much as I love a reusable tote, sometimes I want an accessory that grabs attention and brings the rest of my outfit together. And if your a little bit like me, bags are a great way of treating yourself as you don't need to worry about the size and fit. During the last few months of lockdown I have been putting together a list of all the sustainable bag brands I have discovered and thought I would create a blogpost where I could share with you my latest finds! Whether your a fan of cute colourful mini bags or more of a grab and go kind of person, there is a style for everyone and hopefully you will find just what you are looking for!




Oh the compliments I get when I where my ROOP bag... they are so beautifully handmade out of remnant and vintage fabrics. All bags are handmade by one person, the lovely Natasha. She has created amazing bags with such a unique design that have grown such a loyal following, with nearly all her collections selling out straight away. If you have been lucky enough to get your hands on one of her bags you know how truly special they are. When Natasha announced that Selfridges was going to be stocking them online and in store it felt like such an amazing achievement for small sustainable and independent brands, really showcasing how high the demand for brands like these really are!




Who knew bottletops could be repurposed and look this good? I have mentioned BOTTLETOP in my previous 'The Sustainable Brands I Love... ' blogpost and I continue to admire and love what they are doing as a brand. Upcycled ring pulls are the main focus of their designs and create this sort of chain mail effect that is so unique. They train local artisans the skills and craftsmanship needed to make the bags and take care to make sure all their products come in plastic free packaging to reduce their carbon footprint. A responsible brand with style for sure.




This is a recent discovery of mine that I found through @inneoss. Hai creates these beautiful silk bags that embrace the quality of Chinese fabrics and celebrate Chinese culture and craftsmanship. Although the bags are steeped in tradition they are also seemingly modern in design. The stylish silhouettes are perfect for a day to night look and though simple create such an effortless and classic style.




Featured in British Vogue, these uniquely hand crafted rope bags are not only practical but very aesthetically pleasing. The maker and designer Tor Bolt creates all her designs out of 100% recycled rope ethically and sustainably sourced in the UK. Not only does she make amazing bags but she is also well known for a plant hangers that are made out the same materials. These hangers are a great and fun way to bring colour into your home and any excuse to be surrounded by more plants is always a bonus. Whether your looking for a bag to hold your shopping or a smaller bag for everyday use, HANGA has you covered and leaving you looking pretty damn stylish in the process.

Matt & Nat



Matt & Nat is the classic vegan leather bag brand loved by the likes of many for a long time now. Previously it has been on my radar but I haven't been particularly drawn to the designs but this latest collection of bags I have found myself lusting after! The brand is committed to not using any leather or animal-based materials and works by the ethos 'Live Beautifully' making sure to appreciate humanity and all the creativity it has to offer. I love this motto and it is refreshing to see a big brand really be responsible with all the materials they use and want to create a positive change and respect the world around us.

House of Sunny



This season House of Sunny released its first bag as part of the new summer collection. The Icon bag is exactly that - iconic. With a retro structured design, these bags are sure to elevate any outfit. They are made out of vegan croc leather and the best part about the design, the mirror detail on the back and the cute phone holder! I mean a practical and sustainable bag is pretty hard to beat! So its not hard to see why the likes of Bella Hadid have been seen toting this bag around. Its definitely an investment piece, but I think its the sort of bag that would stay in your wardrobe forever and remain a timeless accessory.




Alienina prides itself on being a sustainable brand that makes everything by hand and recognises a respect for Italian craftsmanship. Material is of the upmost importance to the brand and their bags are made from mountain and sailing cords, fabrics and straps for blinds and so much more. They are constantly looking for new kinds of production scraps that they can repurpose and create amazing one of kind pieces from. The attention to detail in their bags is like no other, the high street tried to create dupes but as someone who owns an Alienina bag you can really see the craft and attention to detail that has gone into the design that fast fashion just can't replicate.




HVISK is an Instagram favourite and your guaranteed to have seen one of the bloggers you follow with one of their bags. This Copenhagen brand embodies that Danish style aesthetic, with bold statement designs for the contemporary stylish person. This is a brand that took the first step into making a positive change by becoming a fully vegan brand. They are a prime example that there is no need to use leather when we can create amazing products like these. They are a transparent business making it clear they are still learning and coming up with ways to be more sustainable and are continuing to find alternative recyclable materials for their designs.




JW Pei wants to celebrate and embrace fun and creative fashion. The bags are made from vegan leather and recycled plastic. They describe sustainability as being part of their DNA, and its great to see a brand create bags that are both equal parts style and substance. They boast such a unique selection of styles that I have never really come across before in regards to sustainable bags and I was immediately drawn to them and needed one in my wardrobe!

Asata Maise



These bags just bring me so much joy to look at, they are everything I love: pattern clashing and patchwork. The self named brand looks to the past to understand the importance of bettering our future through how we make clothes and accessories. Asata chooses to use reclaimed and true vintage materials for her bags, acknowledging the need to be responsible. The Delaware based designer has become a sell out on Instagram and its not hard to see why. They embrace how fashion can be playful and bold whilst not compromising on their impact on the environment.

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