Distancing Diary 003 - Let's Tie Dye! Step by Step Guide.

I am a true sucker for anything tie dye. When I'm thrifting the moment I see something with that unique print, I'm immediately smitten. So now I'm stuck indoors for the forceable future, I thought it was about time I learnt how to do it myself. And now I have done it once and lived out my hippy dreams, I can see that I might be addicted...

What you will need:

Clothing you want to tie dye 1 sachet of dye

Empty 250ml water bottle

Elastic bands



ziplock bags

1 tbsp salt

Sheet of paper

Step One

Take your item of clothing that you want to tie dye and run it under a tap. Make sure to ring out any access water.

Step Two

Decide what sort of design you want. I wanted to go with a simple crumpled basic tie dye design so I took my sweatshirt and scrunched it up into a ball. For more detailed tie dye designs click here.

Step Three

Then take your elastic bands and start wrapping them around the sweatshirt. Make sure that you have used enough elastic bands to keep the sweatshirt scrunched together.

Step Four

Make a funnel by rolling up a piece of paper starting diagonally from one corner to the other.

Step Five

Use your funnel to pour the tie dye powder into the plastic bottle until its roughly an inch from the bottom.

Step Six

Add a tbsp of salt into the bottle and then fill the bottle up with warm water.

Step Seven

Put the lid back on the bottle and then shake the mixture well.

Step Eight

Make sure you are wearing gloves for this next step. Get your bucket and with one hand hold the sweatshirt and with the other take your tie dye mixture and start pouring over the sweatshirt.

Step Nine

Once you have covered it with all the tie dye squeeze any excess liquid out of your clothing and then put it in a ziplock bag, making sure its secure and air tight.

Step Ten

Place the clothing in the zip lock bag and store in a cool dry area for 6-8 hours or overnight if possible.

Step 11

Once you have left it for a sufficient amount of time, take the clothing out of the bag and remove all the elastic bands.

Step 12

Run some warm water in the sink. You can add washing detergent if you like to make sure its all squeaky clean! Take your clothing and wash it in the water making sure to rinse out any access tie dye.

Step 13

Once you have washed the item and ringed it out, you can leave it to dry and see what sort of effect the dye has had. If your like me and used quite a pale dye you might need to go in again with some more dye in certain areas and just repeat the same steps.

Hope you all enjoyed this instalment of the Distancing Diaries and stay tuned for some more crafty projects in the very near future...