Come Charity Shopping With Me In...

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(Map of the local charity shops)


So yesterday I decided to take myself out on a little day date to one of my favourite charity shopping areas... Pimlico. I discovered this little gem of an area when my Dad worked nearby and I used to meet him after work. I would usually be early so while I waited I would peruse the rails of the local shops and realised I had stumbled across something special. Its quite common when you charity shop in the centre of London that the prices reflect this which is completely understandable. So when I first came across the Pimlico charity shops I was pleasantly surprised that the prices were really reasonable and you could walk away with some real bargains and amazing quality items. I thought I would bring you along on my outing and show you what I got up to. This is the first in a new series that I do taking you to different charity shopping areas around London so I hope you enjoy!

Octavia Foundation

58 Wilton Road Victoria, London SW1V 1DE

This is a very aesthetically pleasing shops with a great layout. Its incredibly big for a charity shop and therefore they have been able to give the shop a slightly different vibe. I love how they have colour coordinated everything and spaced out the stock as to not feel too overwhelming for the shopper. The price point is great in here and the quality of items is up there too. Make sure when stopping by here you take your time as chances are you will find something really special.

Trinity Hospice

85 Wilton Road, Pimlico SW1V 1DN

This is a slightly pricier shop than the rest in the area but if you are more accustomed to boutique style shops and feel overwhelmed by the idea of charity shopping this is a good place to start. The layout is easy to go through and what you will find is a lovely array of designer, vintage and great hight street pieces. If your looking for a higher end piece they have an amazing luxury edit rail where it is all grouped together to make your life that little bit easier.

Hospices of Hope

40 Warwick Way, London SW1V 1RY

This shop has a slightly smaller amount of women's clothing but its definitely mighty. Through my searching I found green snake print OSKA trousers in mint condition and this beautiful vintage check blazer (seen in photo above). The staff are super friendly and helpful so definitely make sure you stop in and say hi!

Sue Ryder

35 Warwick Way, London SW1V 1QS

This charity shopping can be a bit overwhelming as it is quite a small space with a lot of stock but if you enjoy rifling through the rails, you will find some really individual pieces like this lovely vintage check blouse for £5. This is by far the cheapest of these charity shops so if you want great pieces but on a limited budget this is your best choice!


15 Warwick Way, London SW1V 1QT

This Oxfam seems to have had a little revamp since the last time I have been here, and their focus seems to be not necessarily on the quantity of items, but rather the quality and making sure they have a nicely curated assortment of items to look through. I saw a real mix of high end and high street labels and a eclectic mixture of style for all ages.


13A Warwick Way, London SW1V 1QT

This is probably my go to charity shop in Pimlico. I love Fara charity shops in general and they always seem to have such a great mixture of stock. I love the vibe in here and feels like a really cool vintage shop but instead is filled with a lot of modern pieces and some really great designer steals. I have seen brands such as Reformation, Balenciaga and Saturdays NYC in this shop.


6 Upper Tachbrook Street, London SW1V 1SH

On a backstreet behind all the other charity shops lies Retromania. This hidden gem seems to be only really known by the locals who live there or working people looking for a little lunch break fashion fix. What will definitely lure you in is the bargain rail outside the shop but once inside, this delightful mix of vintage clothing will leave you spending along time making sure you haven't missed any items. Also make sure to check out the bargain basement where everything is between £10-£20.

So what did I buy...

I was very restrained today and I only bought two things, both of them where tops which is what I have least of in my wardrobe so was thrilled to pick up these two beautiful tops. I'm really trying to make sure I only buy things that I know I can wear with lots of things already in my wardrobe as I am tight on space and I am also very conscious that already own a lot of lovely things and need to make sure I'm wearing them first before adding in anything else. I got both these tops from the Octavia Foundation and just fell in love with both of the prints and styles. The top on the left is an unbranded number that is just so flattering on and the one on the right is originally from Gestuz and was brand new with the tags. A pretty major bargain for £10 I'd say! Safe to say I'm one happy girl!

I hope you enjoyed this come shopping with me post and I'm really excited to continue this series and explore lots of new places. Let me know in the comments below where you'd like me to go charity shopping and ill make sure to add it to my list!